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Episode 32

Why Traveling Alone Creates More Space For Humanitywith Alexandra Cheney

In today’s episode, JPR Account Supervisor Amanda Feldman Jay sits down with freelance writer Alexandra Cheney to discuss how traveling solo helps us realize who we are at our core and how people from all walks of life are connected by our shared humanity. Alexandra formerly held staff positions at The Wall Street Journal and Variety and is a frequent contributor to a handful of luxury titles including Elite Traveler, The Hollywood Reporter, Architectural Digest and more. Listen in as she shares her unique perspective as a professional surfer-turned-staff writer-turned freelancer, whose passion for luxury travel is balanced by the countless humbling moments she endures along the way and imparts her wisdom on how the simplicity of practicing kindness can radically change the way we see and experience the world. You can follow along on Alexandra’s journeys @alexandracheney.

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