Inspired by desire and fueled by necessity. Our work is crafting new narratives — engaging, aspirational ones that place brands at the center of the story. Capturing the energy and emotion of our shared humanity, we blur the line between brand and audience, forging deeper connections that empower you to own your story. Explore our PR agency services, industries, and locations.

Our Expertise


A great story hits both emotion and intellect, sparking the personal connections that turn audiences into true believers. Our process of developing the pitch perfect narrative merges deep insight and experience to shape relevant, ownable stories that engage and align across all communications.


Forging strategic partnerships with brands that elevate your market presence and expand your reach to new eyes and audiences, is a powerful method for growing your business. From distinctive, one-off collaborations to long-term alliances, we make brands better together.


Partnering with relevant, carefully selected influencers gives your brand a human voice, fostering authentic engagement that drives real value to your brand. Whether your needs call for celebrities, artists, athletes or more niche tastemakers, our teams facilitate and seamlessly manage all aspects of influencer relations.


Our work in PR has earned us global prestige and industry-leading clients. Informed by nearly two decades of innovation, we craft sophisticated media and content strategies targeted to specific audiences and industries including luxury brands in hotel & travel, lifestyle, real estate and more. From generating big buzz and headlines to media placements and events, our agency ensures the world sees you at your very best.


Constantly evolving to engage audiences on their preferred platforms, we keep our clients on-brand and on-message with organic and paid cross-channel social strategies, seamless community management, and powerful analysis tools that expand their reach while energizing their fan base.


Once we create gorgeous channels and build an authentic audience, we take your online followers and make them repeat customers IRL. Through a funneled approach and strategy audience targeting, we drive trackable ROI with everything from generating leads and awareness, to driving direct purchases/bookings and retargeting.


Content is king. Our in-house team of multimedia pros, producers, designers, and directors offers 360º creative support to concept, capture, write, shoot, edit, and package premium-quality content. From large-scale international productions to that one perfect pic, we keep our clients at the forefront.


When the unforeseeable strikes, our teams mobilize to keep clients on course with veteran guidance and actionable strategies to not only weather the storm but to emerge stronger. Working alongside management and internal teams, we craft targeted communication plans that build trust to preserve the reputation of your organization.

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Our Focus

Destination Marketing

We’ve built a gold-plated global reputation in destination marketing. Serving an elite roster of international resorts and superlative properties, as well as regional and state tourism boards, we leverage deep industry intelligence to translate your brand experience into fresh, compelling content.

Lifestyle Brands

From health-minded lifestyle & fitness brands to your every favorite luggage and products, J/PR works with lifestyle brands to establish strong connections with media and their target audiences – past, present and future.

Travel & Hospitality

This is where we shine. As an established authority in this space, we provide voice and vision for many of the world’s most exclusive and alluring destinations. Articulating the experience through rich, robust content we spark the desire that leads to heads in beds.

Real Estate & Development

Our acuity for positioning luxury properties to attract attention and yield maximum profit has made our agency the choice for industry and private ownership alike. Utilizing cutting-edge media tools, we provide seamless creative leadership to put all the pieces in place.

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