Our Story

We’ve built a team, a community, and an agency that centers around bringing people together, oftentimes through the transformative power of travel and hospitality. We are dedicated to creating a new future at J/PR that provides a platform for diverse voices by having honest conversations, enabling diverse perspectives, generating creative alliances and constantly striving to support equity within our industry and our agency.

Supporting Our Team

We are focused on educating ourselves in order to make positive change, having meaningful conversations, and working beyond biases in an effort to create and sustain an inclusive culture.

We are dedicated to diversifying our company and committed to long-term education both from resources within and outside the Agency.

We have formed an internal, cross-functional Diversity, Equity & Inclusivity (DEI) Committee with team members represented at all levels, to help ensure diversity is ingrained in our brand pillars and expressed through our actions. The Committee is an ongoing, integral part of the future of our agency.

Growing Beyond Our Walls

We believe it’s our responsibility to use our influence to create positive change throughout our industry and in our communities.

We have worked together to take responsibility for a greater focus on diversity within our media and influencer relationships and in seeking broader representation in client work. We are actively reaching out to BIPOC journalists, freelancers, publications, influencers and content creators for storytelling and collaborations.

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We are committed to using our owned platforms to better celebrate diversity through our words and images. We are connecting with more diverse brands and organizations to further grow awareness and connections and partnerships.

If you’re a content creator, brand architect or small business owner that falls within our commitment, we would love the opportunity to get to know your work. Please email marketing@jpublicrelations.com.

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