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Episode 56

Evolving Workplace Culture in Hospitality + Culinary Organizationswith Val Upfold

We’ve seen enormous disruption to typical work culture over the last two years – office life was fundamentally altered by the pandemic, but the change has not stopped there. The hospitality industry – an industry that already was operating at max speed with small margins – has seen a seismic shift, from navigating capacity challenges, to evolving with changing consumer behaviors all while dealing with rising food costs and labor challenges. Restaurants and hotels have been trying to deliver the same or better levels of service to their guests but the already grinding nature of the service industry has greatly impacted employees and how they perform. To remain sustainable, restaurants and hotels are needing to revamp their employee programs and HR approaches to be a more welcoming, collaborative environment.


The culinary landscape in Toronto has been growing steadily over the last 10 years, gradually bringing the city’s rising chefs and notable neighborhoods into the International spotlight and on the best places to eat lists of global publications. The famed Michelin Guide recently announced their first ever Canadian guide and focused on Toronto, awarding stars and recognition to 74 restaurants in the Greater Toronto Area. Listen in as Val shares her expertise and how typically old school organizations are catching up and implementing change to improve workplace culture in restaurants and hotels.

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