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Episode 58

Creating Mindful Moments - 5 Questions with Alicia Pintwala, co-founder of Slowliiwith Alicia Pintwala

In this episode of “5 Questions With…”, Kristin Moller, senior vice president of our Toronto office connects with Alicia Pintwala, co-founder of Slowlii, a wellness company rooted in helping busy people pause. Alica is born and raised in Toronto, is wellness-obsessed, and is focused on taking in every moment – as chaotic as they may be – alongside her husband and three young kids. Slowlii’s first product, Restore, is a minty ashwagandha tablet that melts in your mouth in ~ 3 minutes. It’s the first supplement to really incorporate that mindfulness aspect to it. While it’s formulated with clinically proven ingredients to reduce stress and anxiety, the melt-away feature prompts you to pause (put those phones down), check in with yourself and find calm and clarity in the moment.


Listen in as Alicia shares more about what drove her to create Slowlii, how she navigates owning and running a business with her husband while creating spaces for herself and her family, how she travels and advice she has for anyone looking to start their own business or simply work through a career change.

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