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Episode 69

When Travel and Pro Sports Collide - 5 Questions with Vinciane Ngomsiwith Vinciane Ngomsi

On this episode of “5 Questions With” Kristin Moller is joined by Vinciane Ngomsi, a talented journalist based in Washington DC who writes about sports, travel, entertainment and food. She began her career in sports journalism with bylines at SB Nation, USA Today, and Yahoo and today she is a Staff Writer at Boardroom, covering the intersection of sports and entertainment across football, soccer, tennis, basketball and more.


Vinciane was born in Cameroon and moved to the US as a young child. She grew up in Kansas City and is a lifelong Chiefs fan. Listen in as Vinciane shares how a family tradition helped manifest her career in journalism, what it’s like to travel and write about her favorite sports teams and athletes and what inspires her on a daily basis.


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