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Episode 47

Tomiko Harvey on The Black Travel Alliance and Giving Voice to Black Travel Writerswith Tomiko Harvey

In this episode of Priority Status, Heidi Doak sits down with Tomiko Harvey, vice president of the Black Travel Alliance and founder of Passports & Grub, a luxury lifestyle publication for Black women.

Following last summer’s racial justice movement, The Black Travel Alliance was formed to empower and give voice to Black travel writers, broadcasters and content creators from around the world. And, earlier this year, the Black Travel Alliance hosted its first networking event, Wavelength, which connected Black travel professionals with travel brands to bridge the gap that previously prevented them from receiving the same opportunities as their colleagues. J/PR was honored to participate in Wavelength and from that, has been working with content creators such as Tomiko to ensure diversity and inclusion in the travel industry. We hope this conversation will encourage our listeners to join the movement. Share your feedback at, learn more at and follow us on Instagram @jpublicrelations.

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