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Episode 28 pt 1

The Infatuation’s Nick Bilardello on Branding and 2 Things You Must Eat in Your Lifetimewith Nick Bilardello

Listen in as JPR’s EVP Lauren Clifford Knudsen interviews Nick Bilardello, Creative Director at The Infatuation. The Infatuation’s mission is simple: to bring you the most honest and trustworthy opinions on where to eat around the world. What started as a mission to help hungry people get fed how they wanted has evolved into an immersive culinary-focused enterprise with events, social intrigue and TexRecs. Building a brand isn’t easy, it takes a true appetite for becoming the best. Nick takes Priority Status behind the scenes of The Infatuation’s history, its brand strategy and shares his hot take on the future of plant-based meat among other topics.


Learn more about The Infatuation on Instagram by visiting @infatuation.

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