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Episode 38

The Future of Sustainable Travelwith Juliet Kinsman

Today we talk to sustainable luxury travel expert, and the Sustainability Editor of Condé Nast Traveller, Juliet Kinsman on what lies ahead for ethical and responsible travel. We discuss sustainability in all its glory, and travel in the time of COVID, carbon offsetting, the difference between US and UK markets in sustainable outlook & approach, how urban hotels can best tackle sustainability, her favourite suitable brands and apps, and more!

Juliet Kinsman

Meet Our Guest

Juliet Kinsman

For over two and a half decades, Juliet Kinsman has been talking about the world’s most special places as a journalist and a speaker. Juliet is the first-ever Sustainability Editor of Condé Nast Traveller and author of 'The Green Edit: Travel, Easy Tips for the Eco-Friendly Traveller’. Through Juliet’s consultancy, BOUTECO, she works with award-winning brands to help them stand for something and stand out for it, amplifying messages that matter and sharpening their spirit of sustainability. Founding editor of Mr & Mrs Smith and an author of Louis Vuitton City Guides, luxury travel, for Juliet, has evolved in meaning — and today she loves celebrating forward-thinking hotels, travel visionaries and luxury brands that are having a positive impact.

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