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Episode 48

Mindful Travel and Modern Hypnotherapy with Nicole Hernandez, The Traveling Hypnotistwith Nicole Hernandez

In this episode of Priority Status, Nicole Hernandez, known as The Traveling Hypnotist, joins Abby Waters to discuss her vision for the future of hypnosis practice within the larger space of wellness and travel. Nicole is a clinical hypnotist, anxiety educator, speaker, and Resident Healer for the Four Seasons Hotel New York Downtown. She specializes in helping anxious high achievers become impactful, conscious leaders that can navigate life transitions such as career, relationships, money beliefs, and lifestyle changes with a sense of clarity and ease. Her signature approach, the Hypnotic Journey, combines modern hypnotherapy and mindful, executive coaching. On the heels of National Wellness Month, Abby sat down with Nicole to discuss how she embraced this practice of wellbeing and mindfulness after many years as a marketing professional struggling with stress. She offers insight into her unexpected journey to becoming The Traveling Hypnotist and one of the many resident healers at an iconic New York City hotel, offers advice on ways to ease anxiety while traveling and even shares the destinations on her travel bucket list when she needs an escape from city life. Nicole is currently planning a hypnosis tour and retreats for 2022.

For more on Nicole, visit and find her on Instagram @thetravelinghypnotist. To discover more episodes of Priority Status, please be sure to subscribe to the podcast, follow us on Instagram at @jpublicrelations or visit

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