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Episode 46

How Your Favorite Hotels + Restaurants Are Combating Labor Shortages with Jitjatjowith Tim Chatfield

In this episode of Priority Status, Abby Waters sits down with Tim Chatfield, Co-Founder & CEO of Jitjatjo.

It’s hard to have missed the sensational headlines about workers leaving the hospitality industry en mass, the staffing shortages everywhere and the labor wars, as Tim calls it. So, JPR turned to Tim, an expert in connecting talent with jobs through a workforce management technology to see if the headlines are true, how hotels and restaurants can reimagine their talent management, and gain some insights on a nationwide survey Jitjatjo distributed to its 10,000 plus data base of talent. Plus, the conversation will help set some expectations for when our listeners do take the plunge into dining out and traveling again. Share your feedback at, learn more at and follow us on Instagram @jpublicrelations.

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