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Episode 55

Debunking Olive Oil Myths and Tips & Tricks with EVOO Expert, Mary Mori of California Olive Ranchwith Mary Mori

Aside from being one of the oldest fruits on the planet, olives provide us with so many great, essential nutrients. It makes sense when you consider the Mediterranean Diet (where olive oil acts as the primary source of healthy fat). In this episode, Account Director, Monica Powers sits down with California Olive Ranch Vice President of Quality and R&D, Mary Mori to discuss the complexities behind high-quality extra virgin olive oil. You’ll learn the tips and tricks for how to shop for, store, and cook with your EVOO while also understanding what makes this “fruit of the gods” so healthy for our bodies.

Mary Mori of California Olive Ranch

Meet Our Guest

Mary Mori

As the Vice President of Quality & R&D. Mary runs the lab, quality, blending and product development departments. She is the master blender for all their products to ensure they provide a consistent taste in every bottle you buy.

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