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Episode 39

A New Age of “Community:” Translating Social Media Community into Actual Communitywith Tatiana Swedek & Corey Hackett-Greene

In today’s episode JPR social media account director Molly Folsom holds a round table discussion on the definition of a “social media community,” how these communities extend beyond digital and into the physical world, and how any brand can get better at using social media to do good in their community and beyond. She’s joined by Tatiana Swedek, a hospitality marketing consultant, brand experience thought leader, and podcaster who served as the VP of Brand Experience at the Indie Lodging Congress for the last four years, and Corey Hackett-Greene, a content connoisseur and community organizer, who creates content for the best travel brands in the world. The three discuss everything from online and offline community-building best practices, brands that are doing it well, and places where you can find community networking where you might not expect, like Tinder. Share your feedback at, learn more at and follow us on Instagram @jpublicrelations.

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